We are always looking for good people to join
our COOK BROS. team.

Cook Bros. is always looking for the unique individuals able to build a residential design while helping the client understand and cope with the construction process they are responsible for.

The typical Cook Bros. employee has a family, house and children right here in Northern Virginia. They have been with Cook Bros several years and plan on staying with us. We offer our employees the option of benefits such as insurance, paid holidays, vacation time, gas and cell phone allowances, and a company matched retirement plan.

Cook Bros. offers a unique work environment where all of our employees are looked at as equally important parts of our own team. Our team members know how to do a job right the first time, and completely understand the concerns of the client, from safety to quality to functionality.

Cook Bros insists upon complete integrity, honesty and responsibility from all of it's people. There is no alternative.
Professionalism is the Cook Bros Standard.

pro-fes-sion-al-ism n. 1. the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.