COOK BROS. Design/Build Remodeling
“Concept To Completion”


What We Do

Cook Bros. will work with homeowners from beginning to end and will provide all required services to include:

  • Economic analysis/justification
  • Needs analysis
  • Site and existing structure evaluation
  • Construction feasibility analysis
  • Full in-house design and drafting services
  • Permit application processing
  • Building inspection management
  • Complete construction services
  • Project financing administration and
  • Top notch customer service
  • Warranty management

So whether you are renovating a bathroom, or more than doubling the size of your existing house, Cook Bros. can professionally handle your project.

Service Area

Cook Bros. serves all of Arlington County, McLean, Falls Church, as well as some areas in Fairfax County within the Beltway that are fairly adjacent to Arlington County. We limit ourselves to this area to maintain the high level of service our customers deserve and expect.

How We Work

Cook Bros. has developed a very straightforward set of steps
to turn your remodeling dream into reality.

Unsurpassed professional, construction management capabilities delivered with our down-to-earth, family-oriented style is what keeps Cook Bros. customers coming back. Our goal is to make every customer feel as if they are our “only” customer.

With over 30 years of experience renovating homes, Cook Bros. is Northern Virginia’s premier residential remodeling Design/Build contractor. We will handle your project with a level of professionalism unparalled in the remodeling industry.

Our in-house design and production staff will work together with you to make sure your project is a success on all levels. We have developed our systems and processes over the past 30+ years and are always listening to, and learning from, our clients as to how we might better address their needs and assure their projects run smoothly. What this means for our clients is that our projects come in on time and on budget, with no surprises along the way!

These Four Phases each contain numerous detailed steps. The phases are consecutive but typically overlap.

(Note: e.g. The Project construction phase cannot start before the design phase has completed, however in the Preparation Phase, cabinets can be selected and ordered early, or flooring or siding can be selected and ordered before design is finished.)

All In-House...From Concept to Completion!

Why should I care if Cook Bros. is the #1 Remodeling Contractor in Arlington County? Why should that matter to me as a homeowner looking to have some remodeling done on my home?

Contractor Selection is one of the MOST CRITICAL decisions a homeowner will make affecting the success of their remodeling project.

The simple, but not immediately obvious, reason that Cook Bros. is privileged to be able to enjoy this "#1 in Arlington" distinction, is a RESULT of hundreds of well-informed homeowners choosing Cook Bros. instead of competitors. Doesn't it follow that there must be some REAL reasons they chose Cook Bros. ? And have been doing so for over 30 years?

Following is an excerpt from our Remodeling Guide e-Book which addresses the importance of CONTRACTOR SELECTION on page 17.

For your own FREE COPY of the entire e-Book

"... Selecting The Contractor

Next to having a poor design or poor design process, the worst threat to your project’s success is contractor selection. Even a good design will be a disaster without a competent construction firm. Of course, if you had a Design/Build firm like COOK BROS. design your project, then you already know an expert remodeling contractor very well!

If you worked with an independent designer, perhaps they can make a contractor recommendation. Can you get any contractor recommendations from acquaintances who have recently had similar work performed and were satisfied? Do you see a particular contractor’s yard signs and vehicles often, indicating that they are successful and busy?..."


"...Otherwise, you have to do it the hard way: cold calling, setting appointments, re-scheduling no-shows, wading through incompetents and struggling in vain to gain a basis for comparison between them. And by “basis for comparison”..."


"...It is critical that you choose a contractor that you know, trust and who shares your vision! Do not even think about signing a construction contract with a contractor with whom you have not already developed a solid working relationship. Again, Design/Build eliminates this problem. Getting to know your contractor only after having signed a construction contract can be the biggest mistake of your life! ..."

We don't expect to get ALL of the remodeling business in Arlington, but we do hope to be one of the 2 or 3 bidders competing for it ALL! Give Cook Bros. a chance to PROVE to you in person, why we are #1.