Overview of the Remodeling Process

Remodeling can be a bewildering and intimidating idea for many homeowners. Like most things, the more valuable information available, the less mysterious and scary it becomes.

Steve briefly goes over our Cook Bros. Remodeling Process in this video, which should serve to demystify most of the remodeling concepts.

Cook Bros. has developed our current process thru over 32 years of practice in Arlington residential remodeling, with thousands of homeowners and hundreds of projects. It is refined to an extremely efficient, collaborative and successful process which is the key to assuring a successful project and a happy, satisfied homeowner client.

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Cook Bros is the #1 Remodeling Contractor in Arlington!

" Grow " your House ... Don't Move !

Think about this. First off, You are already a WINNER, just being an Arlington Homeowner!

Why give THAT up? ... Just to get more space?

Moving will mean LEAVING and LOSING all of these treasures:

Your Neighborhood, Your Home, Your Friends, Your Schools, Your Neighbors, Your Community, Nostalgic Architecture and Style, The Close-in Location, Being a part of Arlington, A ton of Money $

Instead of Moving and Losing all of that ... Remodel your Existing House !

PLUS - You could potentially SAVE from $300K to $500K by remodeling instead of moving.

You can "GROW" your existing house to fit your growing needs.

Don't Move and Lose.

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Outdoor Structures

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Thinking about Remodeling but Not Sure How to Decide Which Bid or Contractor to go with?

Contractor Selection is one of the MOST CRITICAL decisions a homeowner will make affecting the success of their remodeling project.
The simple, but not immediately obvious, reason that Cook Bros. is privileged to be able to enjoy this "#1 in Arlington" distinction, is a RESULT of hundreds of well-informed homeowners choosing Cook Bros. instead of other competitors.
Doesn't it follow that there MUST be some REAL reasons they chose Cook Bros.?... and have been doing so for over 30 years?
At Cook Bros. we understand that you have choices. You don't HAVE to call Arlington 's #1 Remodeler...
But why wouldn't you at least talk to Cook Bros. ?

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