Introduction of Steven Tinter and Cook Bros Remodeling

In this short video, Steven Tinter, President and General Manager of Cook Bros. introduces himself and his background.

Kevin Dworak Director of Design at Cook Bros

The Design part of a "Design/Build" firm is as important as the construction part of the company in determining the success of your project. Don't settle. Cook Bros. has many full-time, in-house employee Architects on our Design Team. Put them to work for you!

Kevin is the Director of Design at Cook Bros. and this video introduces Kevin.

Allowances = the Placeholders

The use of ALLOWANCES early on in the design phase is key to streamlining the schedule and remodeling process. Use of allowances provides the design, contract preparation and final pricing to proceed WITHOUT the homeowner having to first make ALL the decisions about items which will be incorporated into the project. For example, we can have an allowance for a Toilet of $300. And then build our process around that placeholder, perhaps months before the homeowner has to actually select the specific toilet to install. It works. BUT, it is crucial that the contractor uses and handles allowances responsibly, so that the allowance amounts accurately reflect the design intentions / finish levels represented by the homeowner. Otherwise, allowances can be very misleading and create unnecessary conflicts and surprises in budget.

Steve explains allowances in this video.

You Can TRUST Cook Bros’ Estimates

How does a homeowner KNOW the ballpark estimates they are provided, are reliable and accurate?
Steve covers this important subject in this video.

At Cook Bros. we full appreciate and understand the importance of VERY accurate and reliable estimates, up front. Not only is the homeowner relying on them, but so is Cook Bros.

We have as much to lose as the homeowner if there is ANY misunderstanding of the probable costs of the project, starting at the very beginning of our relationships, in the initial consultation and beyond.

Overview of the Remodeling Process

Remodeling can be a bewildering and intimidating idea for many homeowners. Like most things, the more valuable information available, the less mysterious and scary it becomes.

Steve briefly goes over our Cook Bros. Remodeling Process in this video, which should serve to demystify most of the remodeling concepts.

Cook Bros. has developed our current process thru over 32 years of practice in Arlington residential remodeling, with thousands of homeowners and hundreds of projects. It is refined to an extremely efficient, collaborative and successful process which is the key to assuring a successful project and a happy, satisfied homeowner client.

Square Foot Pricing Schemes

It is alluring, the idea that a complex remodeling project can be "priced up" using square footage pricing. Sorry, that is simply non-sense and a risky concept to entertain.

Steve explains clearly in this video why square foot pricing schemes are essentially worthless, and very misleading for remodeling.

"How much does a car cost per pound"? depends...

Initial Consultation Prep

What to expect for your initial consultation with Cook Bros.? How should you prepare for the initial consultation?

Very common questions by homeowners considering a remodeling process, and what the first steps are, and how a homeowner can prepare for the meeting in order to maximize their benefits they will get out of it.

Steve goes over the Initial Consultation process, and many aspects that will be discussed and covered, and how you can do some homework ahead of your Initial Consultation.

Financing a Remodeling Project

Few have the luxury of having ample cash on hand to pay for an entire major remodeling project on their home. As a result, many homeowners wonder how they might obtain financing for the project.

It can be complicated, especially the use of "Construction Loan" vehicles. But, as always, Cook Bros. is very experienced in working with Lenders on our large scale remodeling projects and can guide the homeowner/borrowers in the right direction.

Steve explains the financing options and the important considerations around them, in this video.

Living In Your House During the Renovation

Can you stay in and live in your house, during a major renovation project? Yes. About 90% of our hundreds of customers have stayed in their homes during the project construction.

However, you should consider your own options and decide what is best for you.

Steve discusses all of this in the video.