Get Outside Safely While Sheltering in Place Arlington

Elk Herd Rob Cook video recorded near Yellowstone National Park.

With all of us being cooped up due to the Arlington COVID-19 shelter in place orders, still get outside safely.  Arlington has a lot of parks and resources available. And they are NOT crowded now. Nature is a wonderful cure for cabin-fever and related depression. I thought this would be a fun little video to share.

For example, we are practicing what we preach, to relieve our own cabin
fever stress.  Nobody is immune to the emotional and mental effects of social distancing. My spouse of 39 years, Ande Cook, and I recently drove to this spot, which is about 30 miles East of Yellowstone National Park. It was awesome and stimulating. Nothing refreshes our perspectives and sense of grounding, like nature. So get outside, just keep your distance from others. Not travelling now? No problemo.  Arlington has a lot of parks and outside space resources available to all, and they are not crowded. Plenty of opportunities to be outside, safely. We often walk down along the river and parkways and bike paths in Arlington.

About the Video: I did not count them, but this is probably a 100-head herd
of Elk in the video we made. Males shed their antlers months ago, so there are both males and females in this group. They will calve in the first week of June. Adult elk weigh between 500 and 750 pounds. We were approximately 300 yards from the elk, using our super-telephoto lenses so as not to crowd the wildlife. With the snow melted they are enjoying easy feeding now after a long winter.

Cook Bros is adhering to all recommended practices in Arlington, and Virginia and you can read a little more about this here

For up-to-date info on COVID-19 advice from the CDC, please visit the official CDC website here

Rob Cook, owner and co-founder of Cook Bros. Arlington, Virginia
Rob Cook, owner and co-founder of Cook Bros. Arlington, Virginia